Healthy Dancing

Considerate community practice is always “Please don’t come to a dance if you’re sick.” and "If you feel ill in any way, please come back another day."

Current COVID-related admission requirements: (effective 5/31/22)

1) be fully vaccinated according to latest CDC guidelines


a) have a negative self-administered rapid antigen test after 5 pm on event day,


b) Properly wear an effective mask - N95, KN95, KF94 - while in the building

The above actions will not eliminate the risk of contracting COVID-19 at our event. It would be wise to stay home if you are not fully vaccinated (including applicable boosters), or if you are immuno-compromised or otherwise clinically vulnerable to respiratory disease.


You'll be asked to provide contact info, verify you're vaccinated and indicate how you choose to adhere to our event protocols by:

If attending, please:

  1. Be vaccinated

Current CDC recommendations are for the two shot Pfizer or Moderna regimen or one shot J&J, plus a booster (at least 5 months after the Pfizer or Moderna series, 2 months after the J&J.) A second booster shot is authorized for those over age 50 and for those over age 12 who are immunocompromised. CDC recommendations are regardless of prior COVID infection


a) Perform a rapid antigen test after 5 p.m. on the day of the dance. Stay home if you do not get a clear negative result. These take about 15 minutes to self-administer. Tips below.


b) Wear a N95, KN95 or KF94 mask during the event. Wear it properly, except for brief removal necessary for drinking your water. Be supportive and encouraging of others if their mask slips down. We hope to have a very limited supply available for those who forget or are unable to obtain one. (About half our dancers have been wearing masks effectively prior to this requirement; many other dances nationwide have had ongoing mask requirements.)

3. Do not attend if you otherwise have symptoms of COVID, flu, cold or other contagious disease, regardless of test results.

4. Be supportive of others in these trying times. We are all relying on each other to enable us to continue dancing.

After the event: If you exhibit COVID symptoms or test positive for COVID within days after the event, please report them to, so that we can alert the community of potential exposure. (Of course, we'll remove any personal identifying information in notices.)

Rapid antigen test tips:

Every household is permitted 2 sets of 4 tests free from .

Update 5/18/22: 8 more free tests from via USPS! As of 5/18/22, each address is eligible for a 3rd round of at-home COVID tests, this time each address will get 8 in 2 batches of 4.

If you have health insurance through an employer or the Marketplace, your insurance is required to pay or reimburse for 8 tests per month for each person on your plan (effective Jan. 15, 2022).

Medicare Part B covers 8 tests per calendar month, effective 4/4/2022. See below.

Self-reported test tips: (Please email, so we can add to this list)

  • Medicare Part B now covers tests: "As of April 4, 2022, Medicare covers up to 8 over-the-counter COVID-19 tests each calendar month, at no cost to you. This coverage continues until the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) ends. Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) will cover these tests if you have Part B. If you are in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you won’t get this benefit through your plan, but will get it like you would if you weren’t enrolled in the plan. You might need to show your red, white, and blue Medicare card to get your free over-the-counter COVID-19 tests (even if you have another card for a Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Part D plan).

"How many over-the-counter tests can I get at no cost?

"Each person with Medicare Part B can get up to 8 free over-the-counter tests for the month of April any time before April 30, and can then get another set of 8 free over-the-counter tests for each calendar month that follows until the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. "

Source:, accessed 4/17/22

  • Ordered 4 tests at 3/13/22; received via USPS 3/16. (3/16/22)

  • Walgreens (3700 University Ave), with Dean Health Plan: I went to prescription window, they processed through Dean Health Plan (25-30 minutes) and I was able to receive 4 tests at no cost (not 8, evidently that Walgreen's restriction.) If I'd purchased at the regular checkout, I'd need to submit to Dean Health Plan for reimbursement. (3/16/22)

  • If you're a state or UW employee covered through state group health insurance, see these instructions